How to choose which 5 Star Las Vegas Hotels to visit

How do you choose which 5 star Las Vegas hotels to visit or stay at? You might be asking this question if you’re from Britain or one of the many other countries which rates hotels with between one and five stars and are looking to stay in one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.

Image of Palazzo Las Vegas one of the 5 star Las Vegas hotels


Well to start with, as we discovered, the grading system used for hotels in Britain and many other countries is not international and does not apply in the USA so firstly you’ll need to understand a little bit about how hotels are rated...

Star-rating scheme in Britain etc

In Britain the grading system is carried out by the national tourist boards and the Automobile Association (AA). When assessing how many stars a hotel should have certain criteria are looked at including:

the hotel’s location and how accessible it is; the size of the rooms and amenities; food services; fitness centres and spas. This is essential in establishing and maintaining a standard across the board so that a visitor knows the more stars a hotel is awarded, the better quality it is. According to the scheme’s criteria you could expect to find the following in a 5 star hotel:

a reception which is open 24 hours a day; a large reception area where you can sit and order drinks; a concierge service; a personalised welcome; a mini bar in your room; 24 hour room service; toiletries in the bathroom; internet access in your room along with a Safe; an ironing service; a shoe polishing service; and a chambermaid service where your bed is turned down in the evening.

Image of bathroom at Caesars Hotel Las Vegas

Caesars Palace

Very well, you might be thinking but how does this help me choose which 5 star Las Vegas hotels to visit if this system doesn't apply in America? Don't worry, we're just coming on to this...

Diamond-rating scheme

The good news is that the hotels of Las Vegas and indeed the whole USA are rated by the American Automobile Association (AAA) who use a similar system; one to five diamonds instead of stars. Although the systems operate according to different criteria the more diamonds an establishment has the better and more luxurious it should be.

Image of the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas one of the 5 star Las Vegas hotels


All hotels in Las Vegas that want to be AAA approved have to meet 27 fundamental requirements relating to safety, cleanliness and comfort. Although you can assume there’ll be a noticeable difference between the price of a hotel’s rooms in Las Vegas with one diamond and one with five this is not necessarily so between a hotel with say three diamonds and four diamonds.

AAA five diamond ratings are not given away; in fact, there are fewer than 100 hotels which meet the standard. You should have very similar expectations regarding quality and facilities when staying in a five diamond rated hotel as to a five star hotel.

5 Star Las Vegas Hotels aka 5 Diamond Hotels

Image of the Wynn hotel Vegas one of the  5 star Las Vegas hotels

Wynn Hotel

OK so it makes more sense to refer to the best Las Vegas hotels according to the AAA diamond scheme. So if you’re looking for a top notch hotel in Sin City these are the ones on the Strip which have made the grade and been awarded five diamonds:

Wynn hotel Vegas; Encore Las Vegas; Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas; Venetian hotel Las Vegas Nevada; Palazzo Las Vegas; Aria and Mandarin Oriental.

However don’t rule out staying at the following: Mirage hotel Las Vegas NV, Caesars hotel Las Vegas, MGM Grand hotel Vegas, Hotel Monte Carlo LV, Mandalay Bay hotel Vegas or the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas which have all been awarded an extremely respectable four diamonds and are among the best hotels in Sin City.

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