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Opening Hours for the Cheesecake Factory Las Vegas: 10am-11.30am Monday to Thursday; 10am-12.30am Friday to Sunday
Contact details: 702-792-6888
Cheesecake Factory Location: The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
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How many kinds of cake do they serve at the cheesecake factory restaurant?

The Cheesecake Factory Las Vegas serves 50 cheesecakes and desserts. Until our first visit we had no idea that so many varieties of cheesecake existed or that the pieces could be so HUGE.

Image of the Cheesecake Factory Las Vegas

They have every flavour you can think of. Chocoholics are well catered for with Godiva chocolate; white chocolate raspberry truffle; chocolate mousse; a brownie sundae cheesecake and many more. There’s even a low carb cheesecake if you're watching the pounds. (More nutritional information.)

Image of Strawberry Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant

After all that choice you'd think that on our first visit to the Cheesecake Factory Las Vegas we'd have gone for one of the more unusual flavours but we opted to share a massive piece of the fresh strawberry cheesecake, apparently their most popular flavour and you can see why... It was heavenly! Cheesecake factory cheesecake is the best!

You can't eat here and not actually have the cheesecake can you? Well, there's a danger that you won't have room for cake as the portions of everything are pretty big. That happened to us last time but luckily you can get your food to go so we took a piece of the Dulce de Leche Caramel back to our hotel room for later.

What's the menu like?

The cheesecake factory menu has lots of choices: salads, pasta, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches etc. We usually try to order fairly light main courses to save lots of room for dessert but...

The sandwiches are delicious but not as little as you'd think. I can recommend the Club Sandwich and the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich which are delicious and pretty generous in size.

What are the cheesecake factory menu prices like?

The cheesecake factory prices are pretty middle of the road and great value for money as you get massive portions and the food's delicious. To give you an idea the pulled pork sandwich was $9.95 and the club sandwich was $10.95. Soft drinks were $2.50 with complimentary refills.

Can I make a reservation?

This Las Vegas restaurant is one of the casual dining venues that always makes our list when we're in Sin City but you can't make reservations. Usually you don't have to wait long for a table but at peak times it can be very busy.

We recently ate there on a Saturday night and had to wait about 40 minutes for a table. They took our name with a time to return which was 30 minutes later and even then we had to stand for a few minutes before we could be seated.

What's the seating like?

You have the choice of eating inside the restaurant ...

Image of Cheesecake Factory Las Vegas

or outside ...

Image of  The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant

but we prefer to sit inside as we've found people often lean against the railings while you're eating which is annoying.

What's the atmosphere like?

We've been back to this restaurant several times as the food, service and atmosphere are always first rate.

Can I buy a gift card for the restaurant?

Cheesecake factory gift cards are great presents. Friends gave us dollars to take on our honeymoon with orders to have a meal at the Cheesecake Factory Las Vegas but they now sell giftcards and e-giftcards which are available in amounts up to $500 which are a great idea.

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