Getting around Las Vegas on foot

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in Las Vegas!

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Why walk in Vegas?

Getting around Las Vegas on foot has many advantages and best of all it’s free. Honestly, this is why we opted to walk on our first trip to Las Vegas. That and we were pretty naive about the other methods of Las Vegas Strip transportation.

But apart from the fact it’s free you really gain a lot from getting around Las Vegas on foot. Because when you’re walking around you can really soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Sin City and you have the freedom to wander in and out of which ever hotels and attractions take your fancy. Though take note, because the hotels loom so large they seem closer than they actually are so don’t be overly ambitious and go too far.

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A number of the hotels actually use trickery to make them seem closer. For example each of the windows at the Bellagio hotel spans four rooms; so remember this when you’re walking around. (See our other fun facts about Las Vegas.)

A good thing about the Strip is that it’s made for walking with plenty of pedestrian walkways spaced along the road making it pretty easy and safe to get around without having to take on the traffic. Have a look at a map of the Strip to orientate yourself.

Essential equipment when walking the Las Vegas Strip!

Before you embark on a Las Vegas walking tour bear in mind that comfortable shoes are a must. Painful, blistered feet will kill your vacation fun pretty swiftly! Don’t panic if you haven’t packed any as there are plenty of shops in Las Vegas – on and off the Strip – where you can buy some. (If you’re looking for great deals head out to one of the excellent shopping outlets which are brimming with bargains. Find out how to make even greater savings on your shopping.)

A word of warning when walking in Vegas

After eating too much for breakfast at the buffet in the Luxor Luxor on our first day in Las Vegas we decided to go exploring. We spent the day working our way down the Strip checking out each hotel we came to and minutes quickly turned into hours partly because the hotels are complete entertainment centres. Once we entered we were dazzled by attraction after attraction, many of which were free, and shop after shop. We were enjoying smoothies at the Fashion Show Mall when the jet-lag kicked in - quickly followed by the realisation that we had to walk all the way back to the Luxor (2.4 miles away.)

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If you’re looking to get fit a holiday in Las Vegas will help you. The length of the Strip is around 4 miles. If you factor in the additional walking you’ll do around hotels, attractions and shops it equals a whole lot of exercise.

If you are walking in the heat remember to wear a hat and plenty of sun cream and keep hydrated with plenty of soft drinks.

Image of walking on the Las Vegas Strip

Other ways of getting around Las Vegas

In the height of the summer the intense dry heat will prevent you from going far.

When my parents first visited Vegas it was in July and the temperatures were soaring. They said it was so hot that in the middle of the day they couldn’t stand to walk between hotels or sit by the pool for long.

If you’re there at this time you’ll need to make greater use of the free transportation that runs between some of the hotels, the monorail and the bus or think about hiring a car especially if you’re planning on going further afield than the Las Vegas Strip.

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