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The Showgirl Next Door:
Holly Madison's Las Vegas

Holly Madison? Las Vegas Visitor Guide? Confused? ‘Holly Madison Playboy Playmate’ is probably how she’s best known so you may be surprised to find a book by Holly as a recommended Las Vegas Visitor Guide on our website.

No, this is not a book in which you’ll find a nude Holly Madison, I promise. And it’s definitely not about her time at the Playboy Mansion or a behind the scenes reveal of Holly’s World. What The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison's Las Vegas is is a travel guide to Las Vegas written by Holly who’s been headlining at Planet Hollywood in the extremely popular Peepshow since 2009.

Unlike other travel guides which can be dry and factual this is actually a good read too. If you’ve watched The Girl’s Next Door or Holly’s World you’ll find that this book reads like you’re sitting down with Holly and she’s telling you about her time in Sin City; what she’s discovered; and her favourite tourist attractions in Las Vegas. Holly Madison’s Las Vegas doesn’t profess to be an exhaustive guide. Instead Holly says, “I hope my guide can help you a little and point you in the direction of a few cool things.” And this it certainly does.

Who should read this Las Vegas visitor guide?

Las Vegas Visitor Guide

This Las Vegas visitor guide is great, whether you’ve been to Las Vegas before or are preparing for your first visit. Holly’s spent the majority of her time in Sin City since 2009 and that alone makes her well placed to write this book but being the Star of a successful show on the Strip adds an even greater dimension to Holly Madison’s Las Vegas. As a celebrity who stays in a suite at Planet Hollywood she has access to places everyday visitors, like you and me, never get to see such as The Mansions, and she shares this knowledge in the guide.

This book includes plenty of Holly Madison pictures. I bought the Kindle edition so you don’t get the full colour effect of the photos. If you want to see the Las Vegas and Holly Madison photos at their finest make sure you buy a hard copy.

What you’ll find in this Las Vegas Visitor Guide

The hard copy version is only 210 pages long yet so much is packed in to the pages. Holly's book covers how the City has changed over the years including its many different trends – from family friendly; to luxury in the form of dining and shopping; to appealing to the younger crowd; to the current craze of celebrity hosting.

Because so many visitors to the desert city are making the drive from Los Angeles there are ideas for places to see and to stop at for a bite to eat. If you are one of them you should definitely buzz this chapter and find out how to shorten your journey time and liven it up.

Holly addresses a number of Urban Legends such as Stripper Planes (I honestly had no idea!) Whether or not you’ve come across the legends they make pretty entertaining reading. And there’s some really interesting facts about the history of Vegas which are anything but dull, including info about the City’s first lady Helen Stewart.

As you’d expect from the title, Holly tells the reader about her favourite eateries from the most expensive, best restaurants in Las Vegas Nevada to her top cheap restaurants and many in between really catering for the budget and taste of every Sin City visitor.

She also gives a rundown of her top hotels, Planet Hollywood being one, not surprisingly, and Mandarin Oriental another.

Las Vegas Visitor Guide - Mandarin Oriental

This book offers a good overview of the City. Other topics covered include the heritage of today’s shows and the showgirls of the past; best spas; Holly’s favourite nightclubs such as the Las Vegas Tao nightclub and the best days to visit the different clubs; and of course information about tying the knot.

Final word

This Las Vegas visitor guide by Holly Madison was published in May 2011. For now it’s new and current but as Holly admits the pace of Sin City moves so fast that it won’t be long before it will be out of date, though the same can be said about any traditional guide book.

For now it’s definitely a recommended read. Keep your notebook handy as you flick the pages as you’re sure to want to add lots to your list of things to see and do in Las Vegas.

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