NASCAR Cafe Las Vegas

at the Sahara Hotel Casino Las Vegas


Opening Hours of NASCAR Cafe Las Vegas: 7am - 10pm daily
Reservations: Not necessary
Location: Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas

Image of Nascar Cafe Las Vegas

Why choose this restaurant?

This Cafe in the Sahara Hotel is an essential place for stock car fans to visit for the chance to look at official NASCAR memorabilia, displayed over two floors, including the world's largest Pontiac Grand Prix stock car that was designed by racing car driver Dale Earnhardt.

The Sahara Hotel is not in the most central location, approximately two miles from the downtown area. I'm really into racing - stock cars and Formula One - so I love it and think it's worth making the point to come here but if you're not a racing fan you probably won't be that impressed. Instead I'd suggest you eat at one of the other themed restaurants like Planet Hollywood.

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Image of the Sahara hotel casino Las Vegas

What kind of food do they serve?

The NASCAR in Vegas is casual and laid back, great for all the family. Food on the racing-themed menu is decent American Cuisine and not expensive (the NASCAR Burger costs $8.50.) There's also a separate bar on the first floor; it's a good place to get a beer and watch sport.


There are a couple of entertainment options as well at the Cafe. You can have a go on the racing simulators in the Cyber Speedway or try out their roller coaster, Speed The Ride (which wasn't open when we last ate here.) Apparently, the ride starts off inside the Cafe and propels you along the Strip. It goes up to 70 mph and includes a big loop, so we're planning to eat after we go on it!

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