The Rainforest Cafe
at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas

Opening Hours of the Rainforest Cafe: 8am - 11pm Sunday - Thursday; 8am - midnight Friday - Saturday
Reservations: Reservations are recommended. Call 702-891-8580
Location: MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas

Image of the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas

Why choose this restaurant?

The Rainforest Cafe is more than just a restaurant it's a whole tropical rainforest experience with foliage, elephants, thunder and lightening and waterfalls making it a great addition to the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas. We find a visit here ties in well with a trip to the nearby MGM Grand Lion Habitat.

Should we book?

On our most recent visit we didn't have a reservation but because it was fairly early and there was only the two of us we didn't have to wait long for a table - approximately 15 minutes. The time went quickly as we were stood waiting next to their aquarium admiring the colourful exotic fish (see our rainforest cafe pictures below.)

Image of an aquarium at the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas

Aquarium at the Cafe

What's the Rainforest Cafe menu like?

So what kind of food do they serve here? Well, the menu also follows the rainforest theme. Their signature dishes are the tribal salmon, mojo bones and sparkling volcano. The volcanoes are pyramid-shaped desserts with sparklers in the top. You can't miss them as the waiters deliver the volcanoes to the tables.

I can definitely recommend Bamba's Barbeque Wrap with shredded beef. It's served with a really tasty mango sauce. They also make a mean Mai Tai!

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Image of the Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas

The Mean Mai Tai!

What's the atmosphere like?

It's a really casual, relaxed, family environment and the staff were really nice and helpful. If you want a record of the night they have a photographer who visits the tables to take your picture (see ours below.) And attached to the restaurant is a gift shop where you can get all kinds of Rainforest Cafe merchandise and souvenirs to take home.

Image from the Rainforest Cafe Las Vegas

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