Tour of Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Tour: Red Rock Canyon Nevada Tour
Length: Approximately 4 hours
Company: Pink Jeep Tours
Catering: Bottles of water included
Cost: From $88 Check availability

Image of Pink Jeep at Red Rock Canyon Nevada

Pick up

Our trip from Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon began at 12.20pm when we were picked up by a Pink Jeep next to the Planet Hollywood sign at Caesars Hotel Las Vegas. Pink Jeep Tours picks you up from your hotel and delivers you back after the trip which is great.

Tour times

We chose to go on one of the afternoon Red Rock Canyon tours but in retrospect felt we should probably have gone for the morning tour because by the time we were up and dressed we didn’t have enough time to do anything much. So bear in mind your overall schedule when selecting tour times.

About the Pink Jeep Tour

Bob, our tour guide was so friendly and what immediately struck us was how new and comfortable the vehicle was. He frequently offered us bottles of water throughout the trip. The leather seats were almost like arm chairs (we didn’t realise at this stage how glad we’d be of them.)

Image or our tour guide at Red Rock Canyon NV

One of our Red Rock Canyon pictures of Bob, our tour guide

We picked up other guests from the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas before heading off to Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas. There were seven of us on the trip which was a good number – small enough to make it quite personal.

Why this tour?

We chose this tour because we were keen to explore some of the Mojave Dessert surrounding the Strip. We’d also heard that although the area is not well known by name we’d no doubt have seen it before as it’s appeared in films and adverts because it’s so striking.

Image of Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

How far away from the Strip is the Canyon?

It wasn’t far to the Canyon. It took us under half an hour to drive out from the Las Vegas Strip to the Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center which has a little shop, facilities and fantastic view ...

Image of the View from the Visitor Center at Red Rock Canyon Nevada

View from the Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center


The Red Rock Canyon National Park is home to the endangered desert tortoise and other wildlife. We signed declarations to say that we wouldn't pick up a tortoise if we saw one because it would threaten its life - sadly we didn't see any.

What do you see on the tour of Red Rock Canyon Nevada?

The tour was 13 miles and we stopped off at a number of points on the scenic route where we were able to see: Red Rock Canyon NV itself ...

Image of Red Rock Canyon NV

Wilson Cliffs, and on Sandstone walls we were shown Native American Pictographs by the Native Americans who once lived in the area ...

Image of Pictographs on Red Rock Canyon NV Trip

In addition we were taken on an off-road trip along Rocky Gap road. The terrain was really bumpy making us glad we had such comfortable seats in the Dodge otherwise it would have been a real bone shaker! Bear this in mind if you’re of a delicate disposition. When we got out of the vehicle there was snow on the ground and we all reached for our jackets (it had been approximately 60 degrees on the Strip). We were told it can exceed 100 degrees out here in the Summer.

Image of Pink Jeep on Red Rock Canyon Nevada Trip

As with the Grand Canyon we were struck by the peace in this National Conservation Area.

Excellent tour guide

The tour of Red Rock Canyon Nevada was enriched by our tour guide’s extensive knowledge of the area.

There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer and he admitted to spending two hours on weekends learning more about the region – and it showed.

To sum up

Four hours was the perfect length for this trip. There was enough to see and do without your attention waning.

Image of Red Rock Canyon Nevada Tour

We’d fully recommend this Pink Jeep Tours trip to anyone who’s perhaps done the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam but wants to enjoy some of nature whilst visiting Las Vegas.

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