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View from Vegas, Issue #002
May 01, 2010

Welcome to View from Vegas the e-zine that will keep you up to date with whatís happening in Sin City.

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Issue #002, 1st May 2010

The weather in Las Vegas is a comfortable 56įF in Vegas today - the perfect temperature for pounding the pavements of the Strip and taking in all that the city has to offer.

#1 Flamingo Habitat

The usually great weather that Vegas experiences lends itself to outdoor attractions. We recently paid a visit to the Flamingo Habitat which is a great place to wander around on a sunny day and best of all itís free!

#2 Short of a bob or two?

If pennies are a bit tight and youíre looking for other free Las Vegas attractions to see on your trip the good news is that there are plenty of things to do in Sin City that are completely free. Read about some of them in our new Free Attractions section.

#3 Take a ride on a gondola

Another thing we love to do on a sunny day is to take a trip on the Venetian gondola ride that goes outside the hotel so that you can soak up some rays. Itís sooo relaxing!

Which reminds me, weíve received emails from non-US residents wanting to know if itís possible to book and pay for gondola ride tickets for friends. A gondola rideís a great thing to do to mark an occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Friends actually paid for our first trip on our honeymoon.

We spoke to the Venetian who told us that the credit card holder needs to be present to pick up the tickets. If youíre not going to be there the best thing to do is buy a Visa, Amex or Mastercard gift card. Use that to purchase the tickets and give the card to your friend who will then be able to pick up the tickets at the Venetian with photo ID. So now you know. Happy floating!

Enjoy the gorgeous May weather in Las Vegas!

Victoria & Martyn

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