Charlie Palmer Steak House Fantasy

by Victoria

The White Chocolate Bomb at Charlie Palmer's

The White Chocolate Bomb at Charlie Palmer's

Four Seasons Hotel
3960 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
NV 89119

Reservations: Takes reservations

Price: $$$

I had the good fortune of winning a fabulous trip to Las Vegas in the middle of October, 2012. The first night there we, the group of 7 other people I was with, were treated to dinner at the Charlie Palmer steak house, located at the Four Seasons hotel where we were guests.

The atmosphere was totally relaxing and comfortable while still being high class. From the moment we walked in, we were treated like royalty by many waiters and management who were there to make sure our meal was the best. The appetizers came first. My mouth waters thinking of how good they were. We shared around the table as they were big enough for that. We enjoyed red and white wine while we were having our appetizers. The main course was mouth watering. Everything was cooked absolutely perfect and I've never tasted lobster that melted in my mouth until the lobster I experienced there. The waiters were all polite and totally polished in serving. No mistakes were made by any of them and everyone at the table was delighted with the entire meal. Dessert was named perfectly...the White Chocolate Bomb. It was crazy good and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to eat it.

I would recommend Charlie Palmer steak house to people that I like to make their lives more enriched. It was an experience I will never forget. A fantasy come true.

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