Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Cheap hotels in Las Vegas - namely the Strip - are far superior to any other budget hotels you might have stayed at. In fact, it's probably helpful to think of these hotels as 'C grade' establishments.

For a start, as a guest in one of the cheap hotels in Vegas you'll have many of the same benefits you'd find at the more expensive hotels on the Strip such as a choice of restaurants, shops and various entertainment options.

Image of Las Vegas at Night

Being major Strip attractions they're not the cheapest hotels in Las Vegas that you could find but you can get some really good rates at these establishments and still get the total Sin City experience.

For the best rates at the cheap hotels on the Strip consider visiting during the week rather than on the weekend as prices go up at weekends (and are subject to the usual seasonal fluctuations.)

Below, are some of the best cheap hotels in Las Vegas NV that are based on the Strip:

Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas

Image of the Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Hotel Las Vegas which opened in 1996 is unmistakeable; its Tower mingles with the clouds at a height of 350m making it the tallest free-standing observation tower in America.

Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas

Image of the Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas

The Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas is named after King Arthur’s sword and from the outside it looks like a castle with blue and red turrets. You can stay here from about $40 a night (more at weekends.)

Circus Circus Las Vegas

Image of Circus Circus Las Vegas

Circus Circus Las Vegas opened in the late 1960s and calls itself the 'Best value on the Strip'. It's certainly a bustling hotel and one of the Cheapest Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip. Its got a huge big top and indoor theme park that are great for kids.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Image of Flamingo Las Vegas

The Flamingo is one of the city's classic resorts. Once owned by a mobster who named it after his girlfriend who had skinny legs like a Flamingo.

Some of the cheapest hotels in las vegas can be found off the Strip and in the Downtown area which is home to the Fremont Street Experience. You may fancy staying in the older part of the city however we don't think it compares with the sleek Strip. If you do stay or visit this part just make sure you're alert as there are often drunks and weirdos wandering around.

Sin City has something for every budget. If you're looking to splash out stay at one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. There's also a wide range of reasonably priced hotels on offer.

Found a Fabulous 'Cheap as Chips'
Vegas Hotel?

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