Free Las Vegas Coupons, Promo Codes and Special Offers

How to get the best Las Vegas discounts

As soon as you decide to take a trip to Las Vegas start collecting all the free Las Vegas coupons, hotel promo codes and special offers you can get your hands on.

We were late cottoning on to this one thinking it would just mean savings of a few cents here and there but if you take advantage of all the Las Vegas discounts on offer you will make huge savings on your entire Vegas vacations. This is because the free Las Vegas coupons more often than not save you between 50% and 90%.

The first free Las Vegas coupons we came across were for the Premium Outlets shopping mall which we thought were fantastic but little did we know at the time that we were only just beginning to scratch the surface.

There are discounts and coupons for Vegas shows, dining, hotels, attractions, spas. You name it; there’s a coupon or promo code for it – and we’re talking discounts off the best restaurants and most popular things to do.

People in the know aren’t paying top dollar for their trips to Vegas. Here are our favourite ways to save money in Sin City:

1. Buy The Las Vegas Entertainment Book

Save on all the things you love to do!If you’re planning to be in Vegas for more than a weekend then it’s worth investing in the Entertainment book for Las Vegas which is filled with thousands of dollars of local coupons.

The 2012 edition currently retails for $35 and contains: 377 restaurant coupons; 98 attraction discounts; 153 shopping coupons; over $15,000 in travel deals; movie ticket discounts etc. So you can easily recoup the cost of the book and more.

Unlike the daily deals where we’d advise signing up early, purchase the Entertainment book close to the time of your trip. The cost of the book decreases as the year goes on and the coupons are usually valid for up to a year.

If you're from outside the USA you'll need to ring customer services directly to get the Entertainment book shipped internationally on tel. 888-231-SAVE (7283). Make sure you order it in plenty of time.

2. Buy gift certificates from for massive savings

Las Vegas - Most $25 Gift Certificates for $10Buy heavily discounted gift certificates for restaurants in Las Vegas and make huge savings on your food bills during your trip.

You can get $25 gift cards for only $15. and from time to time they offer even greater discounts than this. You can choose to have them sent via email or post. Shipping is free.

Las Vegas restaurants where you can use the certificates include: El Rancho Mexican-American restaurant; Johnny Smalls; LTO Pizza & More; and Rigo’s Taco.

3. Sign up to View from Vegas for huge shopping savings

Don’t visit the Premium Outlets North or South without their free coupon book filled with hundreds of dollars in added savings and special offers. Sign up to our free e-zine View from Vegas to receive a complimentary VIP voucher that you can exchange at Premium Outlets North or South for their fantastic coupon book.

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4. Sign up with Groupon for daily deals in Las Vegas


Groupon negotiates massive discounts with local businesses (between 50%-90%) which they send to subscribers in a free daily email. It works because everybody wins.

Subscribers get great deals on attractions and eateries etc while the businesses offering the discounts get heaps of new customers. Subscribe to Groupon's Daily Deals It’s completely free of charge to sign up.

And it’s never too soon to start collecting coupons ahead of your trip. Most of these free Las Vegas coupons are valid for up to 12 months so just print them off and keep them to one side.

Another plus is that Groupon covers a number of cities so you might find the daily deals useful when you get home from Vegas.

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