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Victoria & Martyn, Get on in Vegas Travel Guide

You’ve most likely found our site because you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas.

Checking out a guide book can be a good place to start when preparing for your break but Las Vegas is constantly changing, more so than most places; therefore information goes out of date extra fast.

So, your other option is to head over to the internet where it can be hard to find all the information you want in one place. We know from our own experience how time consuming it can be trawling through numerous websites looking for flights and hotels for great prices along with reading up on the restaurants and attractions that you want to visit all the while scanning for honest information written by real people rather than a marketing machine.

It’s for these reasons that my husband Martyn and I set up this guide to share with you the knowledge we and our friends have gained from visiting Las Vegas in the hope that you can save time and benefit from our experiences when planning your own break to Sin City.

Honeymoon in Vegas

My mum and dad visited Las Vegas as part of a trip to the USA for their Silver Wedding Anniversary. Of course we’d heard about Las Vegas before then but it wasn’t until they came back from their trip raving about how fantastic the City was armed with photos and a video of their trip to the Grand Canyon that we truly became intrigued and keen to check it out for ourselves.

So, when we were planning our honeymoon, Las Vegas immediately made it to the top of our list of possible destinations. We both already loved the States, having, between us, visited Florida, Chicago, Cincinnati and New York. For our honeymoon we wanted to go somewhere new. Somewhere neither of us had been before. Somewhere we could explore together. Las Vegas fit the bill.

We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on our honeymoon; we were both young and I was still studying. Our main concern was that we wouldn’t be able to afford Las Vegas. So when we started doing some research we were pleasantly surprised; we could get a room at the Luxor in March for a really reasonable price.

Visiting Las Vegas for the first time

We left for Gatwick airport at 5am the morning after our wedding. Not the best plan looking back but flights weren't frequent and we didn't want to wait days before starting our honeymoon. Plus in 2003 we couldn’t get a direct flight to Las Vegas from the UK. We had to go via Los Angeles so by the time we checked in to the Luxor we’d essentially had no sleep for two days.

Despite being exhausted we absolutely loved Las Vegas from the moment we first glimpsed the bright lights of the Strip from our descending aeroplane. The Luxor was like nothing we’d ever seen before decked out with an Egyptian theme. We stayed in one of the Tower rooms and at that point had never seen such a large, luxurious hotel room. The bath even had arm rests. The rooms in Vegas hotels are something else. What am I saying? The hotels are something else. Future hotels just won’t measure up once you’ve stayed on the Strip.

We thought that being in Las Vegas for a week would be plenty of time but when our honeymoon came to an end there was still so much that we hadn’t been able to see and do, so we decided to go back again... and again... and again.

About the Get on in Vegas Travel Guide

We created our Vegas Travel Guide in 2009 and it continues to grow as we, and our friends and family, return to Las Vegas and stay in more hotels, visit more attractions, shops and restaurants, and share what we’ve gleaned from these trips with you.

Enjoy looking around our website. We hope you find it useful.

Best wishes

Victoria & Martyn Bennion
Get on in Vegas Travel Guide

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