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Hotel Monte Carlo Las Vega

Hotels FAQ

Lion at the MGM Grand Hotel Vegas

Want to book a romantic break but wondering which hotel is the most romantic?

What is the very best hotel in Las Vegas?

Over 18 but does that mean you can check in to a hotel on the Strip?

What time is check out?

Can you use the pools at other hotels?

For the answers to these and many other questions you might have visit Hotels FAQ.

Things to do FAQ

The Roller Coaster at New York New York, Vega

Under 21? What’s there to do in Las Vegas? Planning a family trip? Which helicopter company is the best? What are some good things to do as a couple? Visit our Things to do FAQ page to read our answers to the above questions and many more.

Eating out FAQ

Harley Davidson Cafe Las Vegas

Which restaurant has the best views?

Which is the most romantic restaurant?

Is it possible to eat on a budget in Las Vegas?

What's the pink eatery called and where is it?

The Planet Hollywood restaurant isn't in the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Where is it?

Check out Eating out FAQ for the answers to these and other questions about eating in Las Vegas.

Saving money FAQ

Are the hotels in Downtown cheaper than those on the Strip? What are the most economic ways to get around? Learn more about these questions and others on our Saving money FAQ page.

Nightlife FAQ


What should I wear to the Clubs? What are Day Clubs? Are there any clubs for under 21s? For the answers to these questions see our Nightlife FAQ page.

Transportation FAQ

Should you take the Monorail or the Deuce? Do you need exact money for the bus? How frequently does the monorail run? Visit our Transportation FAQ for these answers and more.

Ask us a question

Do you have a question about Las Vegas?

We've tried to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive but if you have something more specific that you'd like to ask please contact us and we'll do our best to answer your query.

If you know a lot about Las Vegas or would like to share your own experiences please click on the question you'd like to add to and give it a whirl.

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