Carnegie Deli Las Vegas

One of our favourite Mirage Las Vegas Restaurants

Opening Hours of Carnegie Deli Las Vegas: 24 hours
Contact details: 702-791-7310
Location: Mirage Casino in Las Vegas

Image of the Carnegie Deli one of our favourite Mirage Las Vegas Restaurants

What kind of food do they serve?

After a ten hour flight a bowl of chicken noodle broth at this deli was a tonic. The noodles were a meal in themselves and the broth came in a jug so you could add as much as you wanted. It was so tasty.

The deli is renowned for its gigantic sandwiches. We'd never seen anything like them. Each is packed with about a pound of meat. My husband Martyn had a chicken sandwich and there was no way he could contemplate wrapping his jaws around it. Even Scooby Doo would be impressed with the size of these sandwiches.

And it's not just the size of the sandwiches that's impressive, they're delicious too - perhaps because all the deli meats are smoked and cured in their own plant.

For an additional $3 you can share your meal which is advisable if you're planning on sampling a piece of Carnegie Deli cheesecake which the restaurant is also famed for.

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About the deli

The Carnegie Deli in New York was founded in 1937, family owned and run. Today, as well as having branches in New York and Sin City you'll also find the eateries in Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Image of the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas

The Mirage hotel where the Carnegie Deli is located

What's the atmosphere like?

The deli is just off the casino floor. It was pretty packed when we were there giving it a lively atmosphere. We found the staff attentive and friendly frequently topping up our soft drinks.

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