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This is the best Grand Canyon tour you can do!

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Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon: Our tour = Wind Dancer Air and Landing Tour
Length: 3.5 hours
Company: Maverick Helicopters
Catering: Light snack
Cost: $469 Check Availability

Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon are amazing. Our tour was one of the best things we’ve ever done. You can’t go to Vegas without visiting this nearby World Heritage Site.


Why should you choose to take one of the helicopter grand canyon tours?

The Grand Canyon is breathtaking and photographs won’t ever do this natural wonder justice which is probably why it attracts approximately five million visitors a year.

You really need to stand in it to experience the pure silence and sheer depth, which is more than a mile (1.83km).

There are many types of tours to choose from. Although it costs more for a Grand Canyon tour package by helicopter than Grand Canyon coach tours the travel time from the Strip to the Canyon is significantly reduced.

Where is the Canyon? The GC National Park is actually in Arizona not Nevada and around a six hour drive from Las Vegas. A helicopter can get you there much faster so you can spend more time at the Grand Canyon.

However, if you get badly air sick this might not be for you. The woman sat behind us made good use of the sick bag!

Obviously you need to weigh up what you want from a tour. Coach and bus tours to the Grand Canyon are cheaper so if you're on a tight budget they're a good option but a coach can’t land on the floor like a helicopter.

About the Grand Canyon

Eroded by the Colorado River over a period of six million years, the Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long and its width ranges from one to 18 miles (1.61 – 29 km). The Colorado River carved through layers of rocks to reveal sandstone, limestone and shale. More facts about the Grand Canyon.

Image from helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon

Why did we choose a Maverick Helicopters Grand Canyon tour package?

Despite the obvious benefits of helicopter Grand Canyon tours we were a bit nervous so investigated thoroughly and chose to take our tour with Maverick Helicopters because:

• They’d been recommended by friends and family members who’d flown with them

• They have a great safety record

• Their pilots are highly qualified

About the helicopter tour

On the morning of the tour Maverick Helicopters picked up from our hotel and taken to their Grand Canyon South Rim location which is really close to the Grand Canyon National Park airport.

On the way to the Grand Canyon we flew over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam and experienced spectacular views of them.

You can have a look at this Maverick Tour Map to get a clearer idea of where we flew.

The Maverick Helicopters pilot gave us a personal narration of what we were seeing as we went a long and made sure we got a good look at the extinct volcano at Fortification Hill.

By the time we landed on the floor of the Grand Canyon, in Hualapai Indian territory we were ready for lunch. The pilot served us champagne and hors d’oeuvres which were delicious.

Image from a grand canyon tour of las vegas

After lunch we flew back through the Grand Canyon and the pilot made sure he took us low over the rocks so we could see the different colours and textures including the Bowl of Fire which is an area of red rock formations.

Image from a Maverick Helicopters tour

To top it off he flew us over the Las Vegas Strip. We were staying in the hotel Luxor Las Vegas and got a fabulous aerial view of it and the other hotels.

Are the helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon suitable for young children?

With our own baby now this was a question we were curious about so we contacted Maverick Helicopters and reservations supervisor, Kirsty advised the following:

"Yes our tours are suitable for young children, and many of our passengers take their children. I recommend tours that include landing at the base of the Canyon, as the children get a break, 40-45mins in the helicopter, then 30mins on the ground at the Canyon and then 40-45mins return flight. I should point out that there are no bathroom facilities at the Canyon Floor."

Other options

Image from sunset helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon

If you fancy watching the sun rise at the Canyon or watching the sun set you can. Maverick Helicopters offers a range of different tours.

Our friends Michelle and Simone took one of the hugely popular sunset tours and loved it. This is a picture Michelle took on the trip. See more of her breathtaking images.


Image of Dan Wootton

We recommended this tour to former Showbusiness Editor of British newspaper, News of the World, Dan Wootton. After taking this trip with Maverick while in Las Vegas he told us, "It was amazing. The Grand Canyon tour was the highlight of the whole trip by far."

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With it you’ll have access to over 20 attractions, tours, rides etc. The Power Pass is worth more than $500 in admissions and discounts.

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Maverick Helicopter Tour

Maverick Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours – Click For More Info

"It was amazing. The Grand Canyon tour was the highlght of the whole trip by far."
Dan Wootton
Former News of the World
Showbusiness Editor

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Maverick Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours – Click For More Info

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