Looking for cheap Vegas flights?

Our tips to finding discount flights to
Las Vegas

If you can find cheap Vegas flights it can really make the difference to your trip can't it.

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you discover the person sitting next to you has paid a chunk less than you for their seat? Not good. And you could have put that extra money towards some amazing concert tickets or spent it on a fabulous meal.

So that you don't find yourself in that position (again) take a look at our top tips to help you get the best deals.

Tip 1. Booking fees

If you’re booking flights online watch out for tickets that seem like a great deal initially. Tickets can appear cheap until booking charges are heaped on top. If you're travelling from within the US or Canada to Las Vegas try Priceline.com The good thing about this ticket consolidator is that you can find and book cheap flights through them without paying any booking fees.

With Priceline.com you can search for cheap Vegas flights and compare prices at the different airlines. And another bonus with Priceline.com is the Name Your Own Price feature. You get to put in when you want to fly to Las Vegas and how much you’re willing to pay for an airline ticket (before you bid you can see what others have recently paid.) You can make some great savings with this facility – often up to 60%.

Cheap Vegas Flights

Tip 2. Fly Off-Peak

Note that when flying to Las Vegas you're more likely to find cheap Vegas flights in the off-peak season. We discovered this when we flew to the entertainment capital just after New Year and were able to get discount flights to Las Vegas. Just a few days before – over the Christmas and New Year period they would have been much more expensive.

Tip 3. Be flexible

When you’re looking for cheap Vegas flights it’s worth searching for a few dates around the time you want to go, if you can be flexible, as sometimes you can make excellent savings by flying a day or two earlier or later. Flights can often cost more on weekends than weekdays.

Tip 4. Shop around

Prices of flights also vary depending on which company you fly with. The main airport for Las Vegas is McCarran International and the following airlines serve the airport:

Aeromexico; Air Canada; airTran; Alaska Airlines; Allegiant; British Airways; Condor; Continental Airlines; Delta; Frontier; Great Lakes Airlines; Hawaiian Airlines; jetBlue Airways; Korean Air; OAI; Philippine Airlines; Southwest; Spirit Airlines; Sun Country airlines; Sunwing; Thomas Cook; United; US Airways; Virgin America; Virgin Atlantic; Vision Airlines; Viva Aerobus; Volaris; WestJet; and XL.

If you're travelling from the UK check out the price of flights withCheapflights.co.uk If yo're travelling from the US or Canada you can search for flights with Priceline.com

Tip 5. Weigh up direct flights versus indirect flights

Sometimes when you're looking for cheap Vegas flights it can work out cheaper to look at getting indirect flights. The first time we flew from the UK to Las Vegas we got an indirect flight which stopped at Los Angeles for four hours. We were totally shattered when we arrived at the Luxor hotel so make sure we always get direct flights to Las Vegas now.

From the UK you can get direct flights with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. Most of the time we fly to Las Vegas we go with Virgin Atlantic as you can also be assured that you’ll receive a quality service. The airline was recently voted Favourite Scheduled Airline at the British Travel Awards, for good reason. Search for Virgin Atlantic flights

Tip 6. Consider booking flights and hotel separately

You can sometimes make great savings on your break by booking your Las Vegas flights and hotels separately. We once saved a few hundred pounds this way.

However, when we arrived at the airport for our flight home it was chaos; many flights had been cancelled owing to bad weather and we met families who’d been waiting for flights for three days. We were lucky and managed to get on our plane but the experience made us think twice about booking flights and hotels separately. If something goes wrong with your flight for example you won’t be covered for the cost of your hotel room as opposed to if you’d booked a package. So weigh up the pros and cons and do your research.There are often great deals to be found on packages.

You can see how the prices compare by checking the cost of package deals at Priceline.com, Hotels.com or Virgin Holidays

Cheap Vegas Flights

Tip 7. Flying clubs

If you’re planning on visiting Sin City frequently then another good way of getting cheap Vegas flights is by joining a flying club. We’re members of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club which means we can earn flying club mileswhenever we fly which we can redeem against later flights or use for cabin upgrades.

Carry on planning your Vegas vacation

So you've booked your flight. What's next?

1.Take a look at our Las Vegas Strip hotel maps before you book your hotel to make sure you're based exactly where you want to be.

2. When you've looked at a map head over to our cheap hotels sectionto work out where you want to stay.

3. Then take a look at the different options for getting from the airport to your hotel. If you're not hiring a car then the airport shuttle or taxi are two options to consider.

4. Now start planning which of the Top Tourist Attractions in Las Vegasthat you'd like to visit.

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