Las Vegas Calendar of Events

It’s helpful to have an idea of the Las Vegas Calendar of Events before you book your trip otherwise you might find, as we did once, that you can’t find a room in the hotel you want.

When we visited the travel agent to book our honeymoon she tried hotel after hotel but all were booked or only had a few rooms left. We couldn’t understand why.

Surely the beginning of March wasn’t peak season. The travel agent suggested it was because Celine Dion had recently opened but when we arrived in Las Vegas it was clear that the real reason was becauseNASCAR was taking place. Everywhere we looked we were tripping over racing fans which gave the city a fantastic buzz.

Las Vegas Calendar of Events - Nascar

But next time we were planning a trip to Las Vegas we made sure we had a look at a Las Vegas calendar of events before we even thought about booking. If you can be flexible about when you’re travelling you can make great savings on flights and hotels by avoiding busy times such as popular holidays, conventions and special events such as NASCAR.

If you’re hoping to visit Las Vegas over any of the holidays look at our Las Vegas calendar of events to find out what you have to look forward to:

Popular Holidays in Las Vegas
in the Las Vegas Calendar of Events


Valentine's in Vegas

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

Valentine's Day falls on 14th February and each year there’s always so much going on for Valentine’s in Vegas meaning it can be busy. With replicas of some of the most romantic cities in the World on the Vegas Strip you can visit Italy, Paris and Venice in the same day and enjoy their cuisine and famous attractions. Where else would that be possible?

President's Day Weekend

We knew all about Valentine's Day but we needed a Las Vegas Calendar of Events to tell us about President's Day as we weren't familiar with it. President’s Day takes place on the third Monday in February each year. President’s Day Weekend is a three day weekend which heads up the February holiday in the US public schools. Visitors flock to Las Vegas during this weekend so book well in advance.


St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday that takes place on 17th March. Why does it appear in our Las Vegas Calendar of Events you might wonder? Well, at this time America celebrates all things special about the Irish culture and its Irish heritage so watch out for Guinness-guzzling leprechauns who'll be head to toe in green and probably falling out of the pubs in Las Vegas. Make sure you book if you’re planning to visit at this time.

Easter Holidays in Las Vegas (Spring Break)

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

The date of Easter varies each year. It falls in either March or April. So many people decide to spend the Easter Holidays (also known as Spring Break) in Las Vegas. It's not just because the weather in Las Vegas Nevada should be lovely and warm but also because there's so much to do.


Cinco de Mayo

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

Cinco de Mayo takes place each year on 5th May (which is what Cinco de Mayo means.) This holiday is celebrated in certain parts of Mexico and throughout America. On this date Americans celebrate the Mexican culture so expect all Mexican joints in Las Vegas to be packed with merry-goers.

Memorial Day Weekend

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

Memorial Day takes place on the last Monday of May every year making a three day weekend. The holiday is held to remember Americans who have died at war. Las Vegas can become pretty busy during this time so book in advance.


Independence Day

Even if you’re not American you’ll probably have heard of Independence Day aka 4th July, even if just from the Will Smith film. It’s the holiday that marks the date that America claimed its independence from Britain. Las Vegas is a great place to celebrate this important holiday. If you plan to be there on 4th July book in advance.


Labor Day

I’d heard the fashion rule ‘don’t wear white after labor day’ but wasn’t actually sure when labor day was... (not being from the USA) Well, it’s the first Monday in September, every year. And this holiday is held to celebrate the contributions made by workers, hence the name Labor Day. What you need to know is that this three day weekend is a popular holiday in Las Vegas so book your trip well in advance as the City tends to get booked up.


Columbus Day Weekend

This holiday is held to celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. Columbus Day falls on the second Monday in October every year. If you’re American then no doubt you’ll be familiar with this holiday. If you’re not you’ll be glad you heard about it on our Las Vegas Calendar of Events before you left it too late to book your trip to Sin City. If you’re planning to visit the desert city at this time book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Halloween in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October, throughout the World, every year. So the Old Wives tale goes, if you stand in front of a mirror and brush your hair by candlelight at midnight you'll see the face of your future wife or husband appear in the mirror. Hmmm... If that doesn't appeal join in the Vegas Halloween festivities.

Spending Halloween in Las Vegas is a popular choice. As you’d expect the City goes all out to celebrate this spooky holiday so if you’re hoping to get in on the action book early. Whether you’re looking for events to take the whole family too or something just for adults you won’t be disappointed and with thousands of dollars in prizes to be won at costume contests you might even go home a little richer!


Veterans’ Day Weekend

Actual Veterans’ Day takes place on 11th November each year. It’s celebrated in other parts of the World under different names, for example in the UK we call it Remembrance Day, but the point is the same – to remember those service men who have died in the line of duty. In the USA Veterans’ Day is another popular holiday so book your trip to Las Vegas well in advance if you’re hoping to be there around this time.

Thanksgiving holidays in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. The Thanksgiving holidays in Las Vegas tend to be on the quiet side compared with cities such as New York which go all out. However, that’s not such a bad thing – a major benefit of that is it can be so much quicker to get around the Strip in a vehicle. Plus there’s still plenty to see and do and many restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinners if you’re planning to give the home cooking a miss!


Christmas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

Christmas Day falls on 25th December every year. You probably didn't need our Las Vegas Calendar of Events to tell you that but did you know that there’s so much to do in Las Vegas over Christmas which is probably why it’s such a popular destination for the holidays? And over the Christmas period the hotels look even more spectacular than usual- with fantastic decorations everywhere from giant wreaths to silver Christmas trees.

New Year's Eve in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Calendar of Events

The Christmas celebrations roll in to New Year’s Eve celebrations (31st December) which is huge in Las Vegas. So if you’re planning to join in with the celebrations make sure you book really, really early.

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