What you need to know about 
weddings in Vegas

What you need to know about weddings in Vegas

“Maybe we should just have one of those weddings in Vegas?” my now husband said when we were planning our wedding, way back in 2002, and knee deep in venue research: guest lists, lists of wedding photographers, possible cars, wedding invitations etc.

We paused for a moment. The thought of just hopping on a plane andhaving one of those quickie cheap weddings in Las Vegas was really tempting. There’d be no more of the, “but you forgot to add so and so to the guest list. You remember, you met them once when you were 10,” or “you can’t invite Uncle so and so without inviting Auntie so and so’s new stepdaughter who you’ve never met.”

For a moment, just for a moment it sounded like heaven... but we had to dismiss the thought as we realised neither of our sets of elderly grandparents would manage the flight and we really wanted them to be there. So, we got married at home in the UK and instead honeymooned in Las Vegas.

Wedding in Vegas - Honeymoon at Grand Canyon

This is us on one of the amazing helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon during our Vegas honeymoon

When we first thought about weddings in Las Vegas, the wedding chapels instantly came to our minds but while we were on our honeymoon we saw countless glamorous brides wandering the corridors of Strip hotels having enjoyed elegant Las Vegas hotel weddings. We had no idea before then that sophisticated weddings were an option in Sin City, we expected Elvis at all Las Vegas Weddings but he’s not, unless of course you want him to be.

Wedding in Vegas- Elvis

We queued up behind happy couples waiting to have their wedding photos taken at the famous Las Vegas Sign. What a wedding picture! If you want fantastic wedding photos and a totally unique wedding we found out on one of our helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon that you can say “I do” in a helicopter over the Strip or at the Grand Canyon. There are so many options if you want to get married in Las Vegas; far, far more than we could have imagined.

On our honeymoon we decided it would be fun to return to Vegas andrenew our wedding vows on our tenth wedding anniversary. 

We’ve been married for nine years so the planning begins... And we’ll share what we find out with you here about Las Vegas Wedding ChapelsOutdoor weddings in Las Vegas; Las Vegas Hotel Weddings; Themed including of course Elvis Las Vegas Wedding; Garden Weddings in Las Vegas; where to find photographers, limos, wedding dresses in Las Vegas and more. But first here comes the legal bit:

What are the legal requirements if you want to get married in Vegas?

Just because you can have quick, cheap weddings in Las Vegas doesn’t mean there are no legal requirements that you need to think about. Firstly, you need to get a marriage license.

Where to get marriage licenses for your weddings in Vegas

Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience Sign

If you have been to the Las Vegas Fremont Street experience, you won’t have far to go to the Marriage License Bureau because it’s just three blocks south in downtown Las Vegas. That is where you must both go to find a clerk at the Clark County Office Bureau.

Rules for obtaining a marriage license in Las Vegas

There are rules for obtaining a marriage license and whether you’re a United States citizen or come from some other place in the world, the rules are the same. So, in a nutshell, you must each be at least 18 years old and have been born a man and a woman. The usual sort of relationship rules also apply: that is, you mustn’t be closer than second cousins or cousins of the half blood and neither of you must have a husband or wife currently living.

It is also possible for 16 and 17 year olds to marry and have weddings in Vegas but they must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian.You will need to produce the parent or legal guardian, and the parent must be able to show a birth certificate and the legal guardian a copy of the court order granting guardianship. Remember that photocopies are not allowed.

Please note that civil partnerships are not permitted and enquiries should be directed to nvsos.gov

We suggest you check out the website for Clark County for precise details of the rules in force at the time that effect weddings in Vegas. You will certainly need to produce identification in the form required by law, and as the marriage certificate will show your names in exactly the style set out on the identification, you might want to choose your identification very carefully so that it shows the name as you want it (you may, for example, prefer to have your full name rather than an initial for a middle name).

If you are a citizen of the United States you will also need to produce yoursocial security number which you will have to enter on the affidavit of application for the marriage license for weddings in Vegas.

A couple of final points. If you are divorced, you will need to know andprovide the day, month and year of the divorce; if you are widowed, you will also need to establish the day, month and year. In either case you will need to be able to inform the Clerk of the City and State on the day in question.

It is worth bearing in mind that you can save time by completing on-line a pre-marriage application for weddings in Vegas. Details of that are on the Clark County website.

Marriage license fee in Las Vegas

At the time of writing this page, there is a fee of $60 for a marriage license for weddings in Vegas. Credit cards are acceptable but there is an additional fee of $5 – this is the United States, of course!

Renewing your vows

If like us you’re already married but are planning to renew your wedding vows then you don’t need a new marriage license. Check with the venue where you’re going to renew your vows to see what info they need.

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